Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) sets out how CNCOR JAPAN Inc. (“Company”, “we”, “our” or “us”) collect, use and handle information (“User Information”) obtained from user (“User”, “you” or “your”) in connection with user use of “73eats” application and any other related services managed and operated by the Company (the “Service”).

Article 1

We appoint the person in charge to properly manage the User Information and to continuously make improvements in the quality of such management, as below.
the person in charge to properly manage the User Information

CNCTOR JAPAN Co., Ltd. Yasuhiro Nakahama

Article 2

We have obtained the following personal information in the Service.
1) Name
2) Gender
3) Age
4) Languages
5) Address, credit card number, and other information required by the Company when selling or purchasing the goods (“Provided Information”)
6) Exhibition or purchase information of the goods
7) Trading history
8) Access log and history
9) Information about devices
10) Location information
11) Cookie and anonymous ID

Article 3

User Information we collect is appropriately obtained based only upon your use of the Service and it is not obtained through any illegal means or deceptive acts by us. In addition, in the event we collect User Information, we will notify you in advance either privately or through public announcements, the purpose of its use and Inquiries window on User Information.

Article 4

We strive to appropriately use User Information only for the following purposes. Without your consent, we will never use the User Information for any purpose other than the purposes set out in this Policy. In addition, the services include i) the online shopping and any other business provided by internet, ii) the services related to management of advertising or commercial act.
1) to provide, maintain, and improve the Services and ensure smooth communications without interruption
2) to verify your personal identification and prevent unauthorized use
3) to provide notices about the Service and respond to inquiries
4) to inform you about and provide new services in connection with the Services
5) to notify you of any change in the Terms of Use or Privacy Policy for the Services, or notify you in the event of termination, suspension or cancellation of the Service
6) To conduct statistical analysis

Article 5

The terms and areas that we use the User Information obtained through the Service are as follows;
1) Terms
The longest term between following three terms;
- The term during which the users who have provided the User Information use the Services
- The term during which we need to preserve the User Information in accordance with related laws and regulation.
- The term during which we need to preserve the User Information in order to execute our business
2) Areas
- The location of the Company, our subsidiaries, and our related company
- The location of the office of the companies or sole proprietors who have the business relationship with us
- The location of the person who receives the international transmission or any other communication
- The location of the seller who has exhibited the items which the User bought

Article 6

You shall agree in advance that we will provide Provided Information to other Users who have traded with you in the Service. In addition, we will provide your exhibition or purchase information of the goods and trading history to other Users, so please understand in advance.

Article 7

You shall agree in advance that we will provide gender, age, access log and history, location information to the third parties whose products are listed on the Service.

Article 8

The manner we provide the User Information, obtained through the Services, to the third party in accordance with Article 6, 7, and 9 includes both a method that is automated and a method that is not automated. The manner includes the following method but not limited:
1) Document, Electronic document, Telephone, and Facsimile
2) International transmission, International communication, Telecommunications, and so on

Article 9

In principle, we will not provide your personal data ("Personal Data" as defined in Article 2, Paragraph 6 of the Japanese Personal Information Protection Act, hereinafter referred as the same) to any third parties without prior consent from you, except in the case of Article 6 and 7. However, in the following circumstance, your Personal Data may be provided without your consent.
1) When laws or regulations require we provide your Personal Information based on laws and ordinances
2) When it is necessary to protect the life, body or property of an individual, and due to circumstances, and it is difficult to obtain your consent.
3) When it is necessary for improving public health, or ensuring the well-being of children, and due to circumstances, it is difficult to obtain your consent
4) When it is necessary for cooperating with government agencies, local public bodies, or any agents thereof, in executing the affairs prescribed by laws or regulations, and obtaining your consent is likely to impede the execution of the affairs concerned

Article 10

If we provide Personal Data to a third party, we will sign contracts with third parties concerning confidentiality, safety control, etc. concerning Personal Data and properly supervise third parties. In addition, we will make and maintain a record of the following matters:
1) The confirmation of your prior consent
2) The identity or name of the third party and information sufficient to identify the third party
3) The name of the person identified by Personal Data and other information sufficient to identify that person
4) The details of Personal Data

Article 11

We may contact you via e-mail, postal mail, telephone, etc. in order to provide the information on our services or partner's products and/or services which seems to be useful to you. You can discontinue or restart these handling according to the method separately defined by us.

Article 12

Third parties linked from our Service may collect your information (including Personal Data, and Personal Information) through their service, sweepstakes or promotional activities. We are not responsible for any obligations or responsibility concerning the protection of your information in these third parties, so please understand in advance. For information regarding the handling of User Information in connection with third parties service, please refer to the privacy policies or terms and conditions separately established by the respective third parties.

Article 13

We may outsource the handling or management of Personal Information, in whole or in part, to one or more independent services provider company, upon which we will in advance execute a confidentiality agreement with each of the respective companies, of the terms and conditions that conform to the provisions of this Policy and conduct necessary and appropriate supervision to ensure proper and safe management of the Personal Information.

Article 14

Incorporated in the Service are modules that enable us to gather and analyze information on service usage, the Services themselves, and other services. Accordingly, we may provide User Information to module service providers. This information gathering modules collect User Information, but do not collect any information that identifies you personally. The information collected is managed in accordance with the privacy policies and other terms and conditions established by the respective providers. The following is the details of the gathering modules used in this Service.

Article 15

We may revise this Policy from time to time as necessary. We will announce the changed privacy policy on our service or on the site we manage and operate. You are advised to check the privacy policy changes from time to time. We are not responsible for any troubles caused by not being checked, so please understand in advance.

Article 16

You may submit a request to retrieve, correct, and/or delete your Personal Data with the manner specified by us, in Inquiries window stipulated in Article 18. From the viewpoint of prevention of personal information leakage, we will retrieve, correct, and/or delete your personal information within a reasonable period only if we can confirm that the request is from yourself. However, there may be circumstances under which we may not be able to accommodate your request, such as when we are not required to fulfill your request under the Act or other relevant laws or regulations related to your request, when you repeatedly make the same requests without justifiable grounds, or if such retrievals, corrections, additions or deletions require work by us that we deem to be excessively technical.

Article 17

We will comply with laws and regulations regarding to Personal Information . In addition, in order to prevent the leakage, loss or damage of personal information and any other information, we restrict access to the personal information file, grant the access authority to the minimum necessary range, and introduce the security software effective enough for prevention of access. We will review these measures as necessary and improve them from time to time.

Article 18

For any inquiries regarding our handling of User Information, including any suggestions, questions, complaints or comments, please contact us from the Inquiries window as described below.

CNCTOR JAPAN Co., Ltd. Privacy manager

Phone number: +81-3-5244-9566

About “Cookie”
We may use the technology named “Cookie” (hereinafter referred as “Cookie”). We mainly use Cookie for the following purposes. By changing the settings on the electronic terminal, you can refuse to accept Cookie and you can display a warning when you receive Cookie. However, by changing the setting, the Service may not be available in whole or in part.
For customer's usage situation survey
In order to make it unnecessary to enter a password every time when the user uses the Service
In order to make the Service more satisfying by improving and customizing the Service according to individual user’s like
To provide useful services and advertisements for user's interests
To perform statistical analysis
What happens when you do not provide the whole or part of User Information to us?
You shall agree in advance that when you do not provide the whole or part of the User Information we ask you to provide, we may not be able to screen and process concerning your use of the Service, and you may not be able to use all or part of the Service.

Enacted and enforced on August 1, 2019